Carla Resnick
Founder Baby Hands South Africa
(B.A., H.Dip Ed;B.Ed Honours Deaf Education Wits)

Carla founded Baby Hands South Africa in 2005. She is a mother of two with long experience in conventional South African Sign Language (SASL). She holds an honours degree in Deaf Education and is fluent in Sign Language for the Deaf.

Her work with the Deaf over the years has formed the basis of her understanding of the benefits of Baby Sign Language and how best to educate parents and children in Baby Sign techniques.

Carla taught her hearing daughter, Hanna, and now her son Daniel to sign and immediately saw the benefits when they started signing back at 9 and 10 months respectively.
Carla researched Baby Sign Language intensively and has gathered information from leaders in the Baby Signing Industry around the world to create a comprehensive Baby Signing programme designed specifically for the South African market.

Carla gives Baby Signing Parent Workshops; Sign and Rhyme weekly classes as well as training Baby Hands Instructors around the country.

Baby Hands Parent Workshops are available to all mothers of hearing babies around the country. Click here to find a registered Baby Hands licensee in your area. If you do not live close to one of our instructors or wish to learn the Baby Hands Programme, please visit our order a pack page.