Cindy Jasmin - Pietermaritzburg / Durban

I'll never forget the day I discovered I was pregnant… I was immediately overwhelmed by the thought of becoming a mom. Today I am a proud mother to Gabriel.

Countless thoughts crossed my mind on how I could utilize the time spent with him to make it a memorable experience and simply getting a better understanding of my child's needs. Working full time as an Architectural Technologist didn't give me much time with Gabriel, so most evenings at home I'd be left feeling tired and powerless not knowing what he wanted. While researching on various programs to enhance your child's development, sleep and needs, I stumbled across a signing program for babies and I was immediately intrigued!

After extensive research I came across Baby Hands SA and without hesitation I signed up for the class. It was so awe-inspiring that I jumped at the opportunity of becoming an instructor. Even though Gabriel was exposed for just a short period of signing, I still felt strongly about the benefits it had to offer. I started signing with Gabriel at five months, two and a half months later and sure enough he has already grasped the idea of me signing to him.

My experience with Baby Hands SA is one in which I would love to share with many parents who are not only experiencing huge frustration because they cannot communicate with their child, but also to get better understanding and a glimpse into their child's mind