Clea Witte - Cape Town (N.Suburbs)

Clea is a madly enthusiastic mother of a little boy named Damian who is now 21 months old. After discovering Baby Sign Language on the internet she did further research and found that this is something she just had to do. At first her family and friends were rather sceptical about teaching a hearing child sign language but soon
changed their minds once Damian started signing back at the age of 12 months.

One year later and she still experiences the joys of signing with Damian, who loves to draw and signs to Clea exactly what he is drawing e.g. a cat or pig.

Clea is a working mother and a graphic designer by trade. She has developed such a passion for baby sign language that she has decided to organize her life in such a way that she can share this experience
with other mothers.

Clea completed an extensive trainers workshop with Baby Hands SA in October 2007, and is now ready to share her amazing passion with other mothers as Clea could not imagine what life would have been
like not having signed to Damian.

To book your Baby Hands course or for further enquiries or information contact Clea on 084 207 6900 or email