Everyone who has participated in a Baby Hands Course has enjoyed it, and benefitted. We have included some comments below.
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Joan and Jenny
I started signing to Jenny when she was just 8 months. My husband was skeptical about the signing and I was the only parent who constantly signed to Jenny.
When Jenny was a year old we went on holiday to Mozambique, and we were assured by the travel agent that the Chef at the hotel we were going to stay at was great and that we did not need to take any baby food with us. As life would have it the chef moved to another hotel, and there was not much baby food for Jenny. Jenny cried a lot and one evening my husband asked her what was wrong - what did she want. She made the sign for hungry and asked for a banana and some milk. My husband was astounded and has since started signing to Jenny.
Teaching Jenny Baby Sign Language has given us incredible insight into her world. She is now 18 months old and her speech and vocabulary is well developed - most people can hardly believe that she is only 2 years old.

Lisa and Chloe
I was curious about Baby Sign Language and did a course with Carla. Chloe was 4 ½ months old. I was persistent - getting everyone in the house to sign to Chloe. When Chloe was 8 months she waved to one of our friends and then started to point. (Pointing is an adaptation to I love you) Soon thereafter her sign's exploded and she did a lot of this sign In one of the songs I sing to her this is part of the symbol for clean. Chloe does this now when she needs a nappy change. Chloe is 10 months old now and has an extensive vocabulary, including Duck, I love you, Daddy, Clean - change my nappy and she blows us kisses.
This is a must for any parent wanting to understand their baby more.

Pat and Steven
Steven was around 3 months when I started signing to him. I was signing on a regular basis, but he just never got to sign back to me. When Steven was 6 months he pointed at our parrot, "Grey" and made the sign for Bird. My mother-in-law got to see it first and asked me what Steven was doing - when I told her, she was so ecstatic she began signing to him too.

Candice and Dameon
After attending a Parent Workshop in Cape Town I started signing to Dameon. He was 12 months old at the time. When Dameon was 15 months old I asked him what he was drawing he signed that he was drawing a house. Thank you - this is a wonderful thing! I now have insight into my childs mind.
Vanessa and Shirley
Shirley is now 4 months old. She looks at me when I talk to her and is very attentive. She loves it when I read to her and gets excited when I read her the stories from the "pop-up-books", she has developed a keen interest in books! I have learnt not to underestimate my Childs ability and her intelligence

Mandy and Paul
I have so much fun signing with Paul. He is very creative and curious - He wants to know what everything is. Paul is now 16 months old. His favorite sign is for more and food. He loves it when we go to the Zoo and I sign the animals to him. He has started to make animal sounds that go with the signs! This is just so much fun!
Leanne and Sarah
I only start signing with Sarah about 4 weeks after I attended your course. It took about 6 weeks before Sarah signed back for the first time (eat) which is one of her favorite activities - not the eating but the exploration of food and the mess that goes with it. I constantly praise her and we are very grateful that we attended the course

Rene and Ryan
Ryan has been doing the sign for bottle for a while now - it is very exciting - and sometimes when he is hungry he does the food sign.

Ruaan and Emma
This was great - Emma loves the Signing Sam Bear - every time we sing songs - we must include Signing Sam. Signing Sam is revolutionary to our communication - it has even helped with our 4½ year old son James. We wished that we had done the Parent Workshop when James was smaller.